Italain classes in Dunedin

Italian classes in Dunedin

I offer Italian classes in Dunedin. Antonella's Italian lessons are fun and interactive. I am known among Italian tutors in Dunedin
Antonella offers a variety of Italian classes in Dunedin. Her Italian lessons are held in Opoho, Dunedin.
Among the Italian tutors in Dunedin, Antonella is a native speaker and an highly experienced teacher.
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Italian classes in Dunedin Ciao! I am Antonella Vecchiato, a native speaker of Italian born and raised in Venice. I am a trained linguist (PhD in Linguistics, University of Southern California), and have over 15 years of teaching experience from beginners to advanced courses in universities (USC, Otago), community (Adult Community Education programmes at Logan Park and Bayfield High Schools), and private classes. I am also one of the founders and the current chair of the Dunedin Italian community group, La Piccola Italia, and passionate about introducing the Italian language and culture to Dunedin. If you do not live in Dunedin, I am happy to offer lessons on Skype. I also provide translator and interpreter services. Please see my students' feedback.

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Good Italian tutors know everything about Italy, including Italian language, Italian food, Italian people. I am one of those Italian tutors, who resides in Dunedin. I offer various types of Italian classes and lessons.
If you are interested in Italian classes or lessons, and live in Dunedin, please contact me
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I teach with a communicative approach emphasizing conversation, role playing and enjoyable interactive activities. My students are typically able to speak, read and write basic Italian within a few lessons, and I have a good number of continuing students who have studied with me for years. The classes are held at my home in Opoho, Dunedin, at public venues in the area, or at students’ places if possible and preferable. I can also organize classes in your local community. In the past I taught a class in Port Chalmers. Please contact me (see the contact information below) for the classes' schedule.

If you are interested in Italian classes or lessons, but do not live in Dunedin, I am happy to offer Skype lessons.
I am a trained linguist specializing in Italian language. I design my classes and lessons using my linguistic training. I would love to see Dunedin people speaking Italian.

The fees for a cycle of 8 lessons of one hour each depend on how many people are in the class: 2 students $180 per person; 3 students $160 per person; 4 students or more: $140 per person. If you would like group lessons but do not have a group yet, please contact me, for there may be others in the same situation. I am happy to suggest the most appropriate class or to put a group together for you if none of the ongoing classes matches your needs. An individual lesson of 50 minutes is $40. A small booking fee applies for classes taught at a public venue.

If you are looking for a good Italian tutor in Dunedin, please contact me. I can design many types of Italian classes.
If you sing opera and would like to learn correct Italian pronounciation, please contact me. I can offer many types of Italian classes or lessons, focusing on pronounciation.
I can cook various kinds of Italian food, I can offer Italain classes or lessons in Dunedin, incorporating cooking.
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I am also training a few Italian tutors who can work with me in Dunedin now.
I sincerely wish that there will be a lot of good Italian classes and lessons in Dunedin. For this, we need a lot of good Italian tutors.