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I offer Italian classes in Dunedin. Antonella's Italian lessons are fun and interactive. I am known among Italian tutors in Dunedin
Antonella offers a variety of Italian classes in Dunedin. Her Italian lessons are held in Opoho, Dunedin.
Among the Italian tutors in Dunedin, Antonella is a native speaker and an highly experienced teacher.
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Colin Cheyne, Continuing Advanced Student, September 2018:
Antonella has been a huge help in my attempt to revive my long-neglected Italian. Her lessons are not only very enjoyable, but well-structured and provide excellent balance of reading and writing, speaking and listening, vocavulary and grammar.

Michelle Johnson, Continuing Intermediate Student, September 2018:
Antonella's approach to learning includes material which is well paced (in term of presentation). There is a logical presentation in what we are tought and we are given the opportunities to practice in class with feedback

Natalie Yeoman, Beginner Student, February 2018:
Antonella had a good blend of "pressure" and "relaxation" in our lessons and homework. We had helpful resourses and emailed slides, with practical conversational exercises that kept us on our toes. We are not perfect but we have come a long way. Thank you!

Selwyn Yeoman, Beginner Student, February 2018:
A helpful introduction to the language. Extensive use of questions and dialogue.

Frances Fleming, Advanced Student, May 2017:
I started with Antonella Vecchiato’s beginners class in Italian and thoroughly enjoyed it. Antonella uses gestures with her conversation so you pick up what is being said very quickly. Humour is a part of her teaching style so it’s relaxed and flows very well. The time passes quickly because the learning is enjoyable. There is homework most weeks, but the handouts Antonella gives are very useful. Antonella offers a range of classes from beginners onwards plus conversation groups as well, so there is something to appeal to anyone wishing to learn Italian, from having no knowledge to being fluent.

Chaterine Hale, Intermediate Student, April 17:
Antonella offers an organized method that is enjoyable and gives learners confidence to speak, read and write rather quickly.

Toby Taylor, Beginner Student, March 2107:
I've really enjoyed my beginners classes with Antonella. The lessons are relaxed, but since as little English is spoken as possible, still challanging and stimulating for beginners such as myself. This method of teaching has been very beneficial for me and my pronunciation, particularly since Antonella is a native speaker. I'm thoroughly grateful for Antonella's guidance at this beginner stage of learning the language, and I have been inspired to continue learning when I return to the UK in July.Grazie mille Antonella!

Reva Gills, Beginner Student, March 2017:
My learning experience has been very positive! The approach of only using Italian in class is challanging at times but it pushes me to wrap my head around the language properly and get me speaking more than just observing.

Annette Littlejohn, Continuing Intermediate Student, September 2016:
Antonella is able to bring an authenticity to my study of Italian as she is Italian born. She is particularly skilled at assessing my level of understanding and responding sensitively to that. Her classes are fun as well as highly instructional. I have made considerable progress in my 18 months of study and feel inspired to continue with her long-term.

Pauline Walsh, Beginning Student, February 2016:
I have really enjoyed my lessons. They have been challenging but fun and I'm surpised at how much I've learnt. Grazie Antonella!

Troy Smith, Beginning Student, September 2016:
I have a great time learning Italian. The lessons are fun and well set up. I would recommend if you are interested in learning!

Ruth Taylor, Continuing Beginning Student, September 2016:
I have found Antonella very patient and understanding. I have found what I have learned so far very interesting.

Jane Slade, Continuing Advanced Student, September 2016:
I never thought that I would find an Italian class here in Dunedin after leaving Australia! To my delight and surprise I am learning so much more in this small group at Antonella's house. It is a relaxed and encouraging environment for me to further my studies! Lots of discussion and some grammar have made it more enjoyable for me. Thank you, Antonella.

Keren Skegg, Continuing Advanced Student, September 2016:
I am still learning now after three years, mainly because I enjoy it so much. In our "Advanced" class we have lots of conversation and we laugh a lot. My Italian has now got to the point that I can actually have proper conversations on trips to Italy, and I am reading my first real Italian novel! (With much help from the dictionary)

Suzanne Cochrane, Continuing Intermediate Student, September 2016:
I am so happy that I found Antonella! I have wanted to learn Italian for years and have now found the perfect environment to do so. My class is fun, interactive and normally full immersion, which is the best way to learn. Our lessons are at a level where we understand, but Antonella also challenges us so that we constantly improve. Lesson content is really relevant and we also learn a lot about Italian culture alongside the language. Antonella e' una buona insegnante e le sue lezioni sono fantastiche!!

Kathryn Thatcher, Continuing Intermediate Student, September 2016:
I am really enjoying studying Italian with Antonella. Being taught by a native speaker makes such a difference to the learning experience. The classes are always fun and I have improved so much since I have been going.

Margaret Whitworth, Beginner Student, August 2016:
It is very enjoyable to learn the Italian language from an Italian person. I am older and mainly learn to keep my brain active. Antonella is a very patient and most helpful tutor. Nice to form friendships with classmates too.

Rhodes Donald, Continuing Beginner Student, August 2016:
I sought out Antonella when I wanted to learn a little Italian before travelling to Florence. When I came home I have continued my studies with Antonella and it is the highlight of my week. Antonella is a wonderful guide through the language. Molto bene!

Moya Smith, Continuing Beginner Student, August 2016:
I am picking up and learning fast some basic Italian. Antonella’s classes are challenging and fun!

Philip Morey, Continuing Intermediate Student, August 2016:
Ciao a tutti! I am a 34 year old who decided to learn Italian out of a pure love of the language and a love of Italian song. After trying to teach myself for a while (and not getting very far) I started taking classes with Antonella. Antonella's classes mix conversational language use, fun games and exercises that help you to think in Italian, and an enjoyable social aspect to the classes created by your communications with Antonella and your classmates.

Maorita Hoyt, Continuing Beginner Student, August 2016:
So glad to have Antonella as a teacher. Learning a new language (Italian) is not daunting anymore. It is fun! Thank you Antonella :)

Graeme Dixon, Continuing Beginner Student, August 2016:
I have been attending for approximately one year and although I have struggled at times, I have a basic grasp of Beginner Italian. I am off to Italy this week and I am confident I will be able to use the Italian I have learnt so far. Good, comprehensive teaching and very patient with an older (66 years) learner who has only school boy French.

Mike Benham, Beginner Student, July 2016:
Antonella has provided me with clear well-structured lessons that were specific to my needs. I was about to travel to Italy and this was most helpful. Her lessons were relaxed and friendly and gave me a good basic foundation to use whilst I was travelling.

Morag MacTaggart, Beginner Student, July 2016:
Antonella designed a set of lessons specifically for our travels in Italy. Having a programme of lessons to follow before we travelled was so helpful and gave us so much confidence!

Margaret Whitworth, Continuing Beginner Student, May 2016:
I am an older person and my main motivation for learning Italian is to keep my brain active. I consider the Italian language very lyrical and pleasant to listen to. Antonella is a very patient and helpful tutor and I always enjoy the classes. Learning about the culture is an educational bonus. It is also pleasant to make new friends, and provide support to each other. And it is fun

Annette Littlejohn, Beginner Student, November 2015:
Antonella Classes are tailored to the individuals' pace of learning. They are fun and very practical in terms of everyday Italian speech. It is a huge advantage to be taught by someone who was born and brought up in Italy. Not only can you have confidence that the language and pronunciation is accurate, but also there is a wealth of cultural information passed on in the lessons too.

Robin Harvey, Coversation Class, April 2015:
I have been taking part in classes with Antonella for a number of years. The classes are always entertaining and we have covered a very wide range of topics. For some of these, it has been quite difficult to find the right words in English or in Italian, which can provide an enjoyable challenge for all of us! I feel that I have learned a lot of Italian, and, especially have very much improved my fluency and confidence, over the time that I have been working with Antonella.

Jon Fergus, Intermediate class, March 2015:
Hi Antonella, I have thoroughly enjoyed our classes & will continue to do so. I intend to learn to speak properly & while sometimes I struggle with the grammar, I also do in English. I have recently seen some lovely descriptions of italian romance. I do believe Romance is the italian language. Ti scrivo in italiano perche' questa e' la pui bella lingua per espimere i propri sentimenti. for instance, Una tua existenza su questo pianeta, mi rende felice.

Deborah Baird, Beginner Student:
Have thoroughly enjoyed what I have done so far. Thank you very much.

Keren Skegg, Continuing Intermediate Class:
Ciao! Antonella is a wonderful teacher, and because she uses a gconversationalh style it is fun as well! If you want to learn some Italian I would recommend her highly.

Sue Walthert, Continuing Beginner 2 Class:
Learning with Antonella is an enjoyable way to master Italian. It was not easy to start with as Antonella teaches us by talking in Italian from the first lesson. But this just made me hungry to know more and in just a few weeks I was able to speak simple Italian sentences. I am mid-way through a second 8 week lesson series and can now read and speak basic Italian. Expect to be challenged and expect to do some homework! Italian is a beautiful language to learn. It has many words that are also found in other languages, English, French and even my own second emother tonguef Swiss German. Antonella also teaches us about Italian culture and customs and makes me look forward to visiting Italy.

Graeme Hammond-Tooke, Continuing Conversation Class:
I have been studying Italian with Antonella for about 6 years. I have learnt heaps from her and as she is a native speaker and also trained in linguistics, she understands how the Italian language and grammar works. She is thus an ideal teacher, not only of Italian language but of Italian culture too. Best of all, the classes are fun.

Brenda Green, Beginner Student:
Having no prior knowledge of Italian I attended the 8 classes. Written material for the entire course was provided on day 1 and was followed through to the end of the course. Antonella, your classes were always well prepared and taught in a friendly manner, the course was kept moving at a good pace with a balance of teaching new material and time for students to participate and practice with help as needed. I enjoyed the course, found it a challenge. Thank you for your encouragement. I appreciated it. Cheers.

David Keen, Continuing Beginner 2 Class:
Thank you very much for your kind e-mail ? and for the kindly trouble you took to correct my essay. Everything is clear ? and I appreciate very much the time and trouble you have taken to help and encourage me. The Port Chalmers classes were a lot of fun, as well as being valuable learning-wise, and itfs a pity that they are not continuing. However, Ifm certainly keen to join the Opoho group. Ifm looking forward to it! A presto

Tineke Jannink, Continuing Beginners 2 Class:
I have just finished a beginnerfs 8 week course with Antonella. I started off knowing very little Italian and now find that I am able to construct full sentences! A great and fun environment to learn in, thoroughly enjoyed it!f

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